Important Work Requires Serious Safety

At the Tulsa Ports, our companies are part of important and dynamic industries that rely on safe work practices. Along with our companies, the Tulsa Ports works hard to ensure that every task, process and project completed at our locations is done so with safety as the top priority. Our Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, along with the Port Safety Advisory Council and our on-site security team, keep our day-to-day operations running safely and effectively.

Safety Trainings at the Tulsa Port of Catoosa

In collaboration with Tulsa Technology Center, the Tulsa Port of Catoosa offers several safety training opportunities, including CPR and first aid certification courses and hazard communication trainings. For more information or to enroll in these courses, contact Sheila Shook at or Jacob Mauldin at 

Meet our On-Site Safety Specialist!

Jacob Mauldin was hired in 2019 as our Ports’ Manager of Safety & Security. Every day, Jacob utilizes his experience with environmental regulations and safety to assist Port companies with various environmental, health and safety needs. Each year Jacob visits the 70 different companies at our Port to meet with the safety manager, talk about potential safety concerns, and see how the Port Authority Office can offer support to the companies.

Jacob Mauldin

Manager of Safety & Security

Safety is Built into our History

The Port Safety Advisory Council was established in 1977 and consists of a representative from each company at the Port. They meet to discuss any safety issues and come up with preventative plans to ensure our Port is operating safely.