Rich Wilson°

Board Member, Tulsa County

Rich Wilson grew up in northeastern Oklahoma, and his family has been deeply involved in the oil and gas business his entire life. He feels fortunate to have a diverse and stimulating career as an attorney that has allowed him to expand and develop the knowledge gained in his education. The most common expression in his office is “I’m happy to help,” and he is always happy to work hard with his clients to understand their situations and to set up an achievable path to success. Wilson holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Tulsa College of Law, a Master’s Degree from Southern Methodist University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. Wilson spends as much time with his family and friends as possible, from neighborhood walks to firing up the smoker to coaching his children’s sports teams. He enjoys volunteering and assisting our city government, local non-profits and his children’s schools.